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We all love a good,Lemon Cheese Cake Baked,whether on a regular diet or diabetic. This Ultimate Cheesecake recipe offers instructions for a regular cake or one suitable for diabetics. But I will let you in on a little secret here, my family never knows the difference when I make the diabetic version! It is delicious so give it a try soon. A perfect dessert for everything from a family meal to a dinner party for Lemon Cheese Cake Baked.

“An ultimate¬† Lemon Cheese Cake Baked”

  • 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 2 tbsp sugar (Splendid granular for diabetics)
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted

In a medium bowl,cheesecake recipe, combine the graham cracker crumbs and sugar or Spends. Add the melted butter and stir to combine. Press the crumb mixture into a 9-inch spring form pan; chill for 30 minutes.

 Lemon Cheese Cake Baked

  • 5 pkg (8-oz each) cream cheese, softened
  • 1 1/3 cups sugar (or Spends granular)
  • 3 tbsp all-purpose flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 2 tops finely grated lemon or orange peel
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In a large mixer bowl, Lemon Cheese Cake Baked, with electric mixer on medium speed, beat the cream cheese for 2 minutes; add the sugar or Spends. Gradually add the flour and mix until combined. Beat just until blended. Add the sour cream, citrus peel, and vanilla extract. Beat the mixture just until blended. Pour into the crust and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the Topping.

  1. 1 egg white
  2. 1 tbsp sugar (Splendid granular for diabetics)
  3. 1/2 cup sour cream
  4. 1 cup raspberry preserves (sugar-free or all fruit for diabetics)
  5. 1 cup kiwi fruit, sliced then quartered
  6. Beat the egg white until frothy. Fold in the sour cream until blended. Spread on top of the cake. Return the cake to the oven and bake about 20 minutes or until set but not browned. Turn the oven off and let cake sit for 1 hour with the oven door ajar (not wide open).

Place, Lemon Cheese Cake Baked, the preserves in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high speed until thin, 45 to 60 seconds.

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